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Why Do Wedding Photographers Vary in Price and How Much Should You Invest?

A lot of planning goes into your wedding, and investing in wedding photography should be considered up there with the venue for your reception, or even the dress you'll wear on the day. You should be putting just as much thought into what kind of photographer you want at your wedding, if not more so.

When comes to choosing the right wedding photographer knowing how much to spend is always going to be a key starting point. Wedding photography prices can vary considerably. How much you should spend on your wedding photography will depend on many factors including your budget and how much photography is important to you among other things.

As with everything to do with your wedding it will come down to your budget, and as a guide your photographer should cost around 5-15% of your overall wedding budget.

How do you want to feel?

This is a question we ask every couple who come to us for a consultation. And it's probably one of the most important questions in a wedding photographer's arsenal. The answer will determine not only how you feel about your wedding photos, but how you'll feel about your entire day. It will determine whether or not your photos will be a memory that brings back happy thoughts, or if they'll remind you of all the emotions that were running through your head during the craziest day of your life.

"If I can dig deeper and show more of who people are, aside from it being a wedding day, then I feel I’ve succeeded. Usually, at the end of the night, that comes out. The party’s over, and they one hundred percent become themselves." — Tyler Wirken

It's an investment in your happiness. I know it sounds dramatic, but it's true! You deserve to have beautiful images that capture those moments that cannot be re-created and preserve them forever. And yes — they are an investment! But they're an investment in your memories and the way you'll look back on them years later and smile when you see how much fun everyone was having on that day. They're an investment in preserving those fleeting moments so they can live on forever as part of our history.

Your wedding date - high season or low season?

The first thing to consider is the season in which you are getting married. The price of your photographer will vary depending on the time of year, and whether or not it's a weekend. For instance, if you're getting married over an August weekend, you'll likely be paying more than if you had picked a Monday in January.

Coverage - a few hours or all day?

Coverage - this may come down to your budget but what parts of your wedding day do you want to photograph, is it just the ceremony, some group shots and shots of the two of you? Or are you looking at all-day coverage from getting ready before the ceremony to dancing in the evening? What coverage will affect how much you pay for your wedding photography.

Your photographer's experience and training

The next thing to consider is how long they've been in business and how they got started. An inexperienced photographer might not have the skills needed to capture everything that happens on your big day. They might also have fewer tools at their disposal (like lighting equipment). Wedding photography is an art form that takes years to master. You can learn the basics pretty quickly — how to frame photos and use different lenses — but there's much more to it than just having a good eye for composition. A great wedding photographer will know how to work with lighting at different times of day and in various locations; they'll know how best to position themselves and their subjects, they'll know how to avoid obvious mistakes like double-exposure or blurry images; and they'll know how to interact with guests so they're not constantly interrupting them while they try to enjoy themselves.

What's included in the package?

Price will depend on what is included in the package - what you get before, during and after the wedding day. This might include an Engagement or a pre-Wedding couple shoot before the wedding, and supplies of sparklers, smoke and champagne for photos on your wedding day, and prints, albums and wall art after the wedding.

How much should you invest?

The average cost of a wedding photographer in the UK is around £1,300. However, this can vary wildly depending on who you choose and what level of service you expect. If you're looking for professional photographers who will capture every moment of your special day then expect to pay around £2,500 - £4,000.

Book a Professional Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography can seem like a luxury, but an experienced professional will have spent years training and honing their craft. Your wedding photographer may well be with you from 8 to 12 hours on the wedding day, but this is not all you're paying for. There will be initial consultations, email and phone conversations, and sometimes your wedding photographer will scout out locations for great pictures. The largest proportion of any wedding photographer's job is editing - we spend between 2 and 3 days editing a wedding! This will depend on the size of the wedding and coverage on the day, but it's important to consider that you are paying not only for coverage on the day but also for all this work that goes on behind the scenes and experience.

At the end of the day, your photographer is an investment, especially if you go with a professional. Just make sure you get your money's worth by making sure to use your photographer for all of your wedding needs! Book Award-Winning Photographers Daisy and Selina from Robinson Road Photography. Request a brochure now.

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