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A Love Story Unfolds: Emma & Hannah's Magical Wedding at Ashdown Park Hotel:

Couple sharing a kiss on an outdoor staircase posed with 2 dogs

Meet Emma and Hannah, a charming couple whose love story began in the virtual world. Their journey from that first online encounter to a joyous wedding at Ashdown Park Hotel is filled with laughter, challenges, and a whole lot of love.

The Beginning:

"We first met online. When we went on our first date, we went for pub grub and a couple of drinks. At this point, I think Hannah became aware of the difference between Irish drinking and English drinking 😂. Over the last 5 years, though, we drink pretty on par now 😂. We had many challenges throughout our relationship, more than most get in a lifetime, but we keep knocking back the curve balls and have continued to come out on the other side."

The Proposal:

"I had originally planned on being out on one of our walks with the dogs in the New Forest with a picnic. However, the pandemic put a hole in that plan 🙈. So, as the lockdown was dragging on, and being a frontline worker and seeing the things that happened during covid, I decided we didn't need anything fancy, and life was too short to not express how we felt. So one evening at home after doing a zoom family quiz night, Hannah made a puzzle I had made for her. It consisted of pictures of us and the Big question in the center. Thankfully, she actually said yes and is now stuck with me 😂."

Anticipation for the Big Day:

"We are both looking forward to just getting to the top of the aisle and seeing each other stood in front of us. Then, after all the planning that has gone into it, we are very much looking forward to finally being able to put our feet up with a drink in hand and knock out a few dance moves 🙈😂💃."

Top Tips for Future Couples:

"It's really helpful to find a venue that will help you with almost everything. We have been so lucky that Catherine and The Ashdown Park Hotel and Spa have been really on hand with us. Anything they couldn't provide, they knew who could help and put us in contact with them."

Emma and Hannah's love story is a testament to facing challenges with laughter, navigating unexpected turns, and celebrating the joyous moments. Their wedding at Ashdown Park Hotel proved to be a magical celebration filled with love, laughter, and dance moves that created cherished memories for a lifetime.

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