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5 tips to Walk the Aisle with Style on Your Wedding Day

Walking down the aisle on your wedding day can be an emotional and memorable experience. Here are five tips to help you feel comfortable and look your best as you walk down the aisle to happily-ever-after!

Tip #1 - Don't Block the Shot

The first time you see each other walking down the aisle is a special moment that you will remember forever. But if your wedding party, or even your celebrant, is walking down in front of you and blocks the shot, then that moment will be lost forever. Find out if your Celebrant likes to walk down the aisle before you and if so ask them to go quite some distance ahead of you so they don't block the shot..

Tip #2 - Leave a Gap

It’s nice to be able to get photographs of your wedding party as they walk down the aisle, so again ask them to also keep some distance in front of you and each other. Leave a decent sized gap between you and the wedding party, and this will give your photographer the opportunity to get some amazing shots of you walking down the aisle. It will also build anticipation for your entrance.

"A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people." — Annie Leibovitz

Tip #3 - Take Your Time

Take your time walking down the aisle. take the moment in and enjoy it. this will get beautiful natural photos. if you are being accompanied walking down the aisle then practice beforehand and give them the same prep talk about taking it slow like a heartbeat.

Tip #4 - Make Eye Contact with the Camera

Make eye contact with the camera - Your photographer will be able to capture genuine emotions and expressions if they can see your eyes as you smile or laugh. It will also help them get some fantastic shots of you looking at your partner or family members during the ceremony or reception.

Tip #5 - A Picture-Perfect Dress Train

If you are wearing a dress, make sure your maid of honour or chief bridesmaid tidies your dress at the alter and ensures that your train or veil is looking gorgeous for the ceremony photographs. Practice this beforehand.

Book a Professional Wedding Photographer

A professional photographer is an excellent choice for your wedding day, and one of our best services is beautiful photos of you walking down the aisle. As skilled photographers we will help you look your best while capturing all the elegance of your big day. Book Award-Winning Photographers Daisy and Selina from Robinson Road Photography. Request a Wedding Photography brochure now.

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