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5 Tips To Take Amazing Newlywed Couple Photos

For a lot of couples, their wedding day is the best day of their lives and they want to preserve that day forever. If you are among them then creating gorgeous wall art of your special day is what you want. One of the ways you can do that is to get amazing newlywed couple photos.

Tip #1 - Plan ahead and schedule plenty of time for photos

Plan to take time for just the two of you just after the ceremony. It gives you time to relax and think about the commitment you have just made but also it lets your photographer get those gorgeous real moments and looks of love between you both.

Plan a second time for couple photographs, 30-45 mins before sunset for those gorgeous sunny tones and light. By this time, you should be used to the photographer and look to do some more posed shots to get that perfectly romantic sunset photograph.

Tip #2 - Think of some ideas

Have a few ideas in mind (but leave room for your photographer to create). There are so many great places that make perfect backdrops for photos — from churches and castles, through parks and meadows, right up through cityscapes and modern buildings. It's helpful if you have an idea of where you'd like them taken. But don't worry too much about getting exactly what you want — most photographers have plenty of experience in creating stunning images wherever they go!

"It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter." — Alfred Eisenstaedt

Tip #3 - Practice posing

Practice posing for your photos beforehand. This is one suggestion that will definitely help make your photos more natural and less awkward. The more comfortable you are in front of the camera, the better, so practicing beforehand will help make sure you look confident in front of the camera when it matters most! You'll want to relax and enjoy yourselves as much as possible so that it shows through in your pictures!

Tip #4 - Have a plan B

Build in wiggle room in case of inclement weather or things over-running. It's always better to have too much time than too little time. If it looks like rain, consider doing your shoot indoors or at an alternate location that's close by..

Tip #5 - Keep it simple

The best wedding photos are those that capture an authentic moment between you and your spouse. These moments are often unplanned and unpredictable, so you'll have to be ready for anything! Don't worry about taking too many pictures or getting the perfect pose; just enjoy yourselves and see what happens.

The best bit of advice I can give you when doing a couple’s shoot is to look at each other, no matter how nervous or embarrassed you feel. Just hold your partners gaze and let the photographer do the rest! I promise you’ll have beautiful shots that show your love for each other!

These tips will help you make sure that your photos are exactly how you want them to be.

Book a Professional Wedding Photographer

Book a professional photographer. While you may be tempted to take your own photos with your phone or camera, it's important to have an experienced professional take them for you. A photographer will be able to help you pose and give you tips on how to look your best in front of the camera. Plus, they'll also know how to use lighting and other techniques that can make your pictures look great! Book Award-Winning Photographers Daisy and Selina from Robinson Road Photography. Request a Wedding Photography brochure now.

Robinson Road Wedding Photography

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