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You, Me & Him: 101 things to do with a 3-year-old in lockdown! Week 9…

Two mummies working from home… with a 3-year-old to entertain! Follow our adventures and get ideas for things to do with your own little ones in this blog!

No. 15 Water Bombs

Make your own water bombs for fun water play! Remove scourers and cut sponges into strips. Gather nine sponge strips and tie a piece of string around the middle. Pull tight and double knot. Voila!

No. 30 Eton Mess

Whisk 450g double cream with 1 tbsp of icing sugar until it just holds its shape. Crush six meringue nests and mix them with 500g chopped strawberries, then swirl through a generous amount of strawberry sauce. Dollop into bowls then crush two more meringue nests and sprinkle the pieces on top.

No. 49 Destroy a Dalek!

What better way to say farewell to your cardboard creations than to destroy them in a water fight!

No. 72 Make your own Windmill

Make your own garden windmill! These can also be made from scratch with a drawing pin, drinking straw and piece of paper!

No. 77 Sticker Album

Work on recognising and remembering numbers with a sticker album!

No. 93 Draw & Copy Shape Game

This draw and copy game is really fun and a great educational tool! Draw shapes on a piece of paper on your little one’s back so they feel the shape you are drawing, and ask them to copy the shape. Try it the other way around too!

No. 99 Beach Day

Find yourself an isolated beach and relax. Build bridges in the sand and memories with your little ones.

Check out next week's blog as we enter our tenth week of You, Me & Him: 101 things to do with a 3-year-old in lockdown!

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