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You, Me & Him: 101 things to do with a 3-year-old in lockdown! Week 4…

Two mummies working from home… with a 3-year-old to entertain! Follow our adventures and get ideas for things to do with your own little ones in this blog!

No. 11 Superhero Play

If your little ones are missing their friends, have a virtual fancy dress playdate and be your own superhero! Here we have Catboy and Gekko from PJ Masks on a mission to save the world! Thanks Sam for the Catboy costume!

No. 23 Abstract Art

Have you got packaging to throw away but the bin is already full? Give it to the little ones with some paint and let their creative juices flow, even have a go yourself! Here we have ‘Racing Track’ on Polystyrene, and ‘Forest on Fire’ on Stiff Board.

No. 38 Indoor Assault Course

Welcome to the Lockdown Olympics! When you can’t go outside, what better way to exercise and have fun, than to create your own indoor assault course with household furniture and toys!

No. 60 Bottle Painting

If you’ve got more bottles than usual, or can’t get down to the bottle bank, get your paint out and get creative!

No. 83 UPDATE Grow Cress

In last weeks’ blog we planted cress seeds – well this week we got to see our cress flourish and enjoyed them in an yummy egg mayo sandwich!

No. 90 Flower Pressing

Following up on Wild-Flower Picking (No.5) from last week, if you’ve picked some beautiful flowers and want to get creative, why not press them? Place the flowers in a folded piece of paper inside a heavy book, weigh it down and leave it for a week to 10 days. Check out next week’s blog to for ideas on what to do with your pressed flowers!

Come back next week to see if we've survived our fifth week in lockdown.... in You, me & Him: 101 things to do with a 3 year-old in lockdown!

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