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You, Me & Him: 101 things to do with a 3-year-old in lockdown! Week 2...

Two mummies working from home… with a 3-year-old to entertain! Follow our adventures and get ideas for things to do with your own little ones in this blog!

No. 16 Nature Craft

After foraging for sticks and leaves (No. 76 Forest Adventure last week), create a collage and decorate it with paint and glitter!

No. 21 UPDATE Box Craft

Last week we started using boxes and empty food containers to make one of our favourite characters – did you guess what character we were making?! Here it is finished!

No. 20 Oat Cookies

Make these simple and healthy cookies with just 3 ingredients: 1 banana, 50g oats and 2 tsps raisins or peanut butter. Mix and put spoonfuls on a baking sheet. Cook at 160 degrees (fan) for 15-20 mins (or when golden)!

No. 25 Rainbow Making

Children everywhere are drawing, painting and sticking rainbows in their windows to cheer-up passers-by – so we made one too!!

No. 26 Rainbow Hunt

After painting your own rainbow for the window, go rainbow hunting on your daily exercise. We found 17… how many can you find?

No. 47 Mud Car Wash

So simple yet a mud car wash for the toys keeps the little ones occupied for hours while you sit back and enjoy a virgin cocktail in the sun!

No. 81 Tree Stump Hunt

If you’re taking your daily exercise in the forest, then go on a tree stump hunt! Take your camera with you to take pictures of all the stumps you can find and create your own photo collage!

No. 89 Table Hammock

Two sheets tied together around the table, and voila – a hammock! Time for a nap... when I can get my phone back!

No. 98 Bird Feeder

Take a used milk bottle, add a doorway, tie string around the top, and hang it up with some bird seed inside! Check out next week’s blog to see if we get any bird activity!

Come back to the blog next week to see the third instalment of You, Me & Him: 101 things to do with a 3-year-old in lockdown!

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