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Unplugged Weddings! What are they and why might you want one?

Welcome to my wedding photography blog for wedding couples and wedding photographers alike! Today we’re focusing on Unplugged Weddings – what are they and why might you want one?

Unplugged weddings are becoming a popular trend for couples. It means that all phones and social media are banned for the big day and your guests have to experience your wedding in the moment.

There are several reasons you might want an unplugged wedding...

1. Your guests will be in the moment watching you get married which is the experience you want for them,

2. When you walk down the aisle you want to see your friends and family smiling back at you, rather than a sea of phones. The same applies to your professional photos, you want your professional photos to show guests looking at you and not at their phones,

3. Maybe you don’t want the distractions of phones clicking, flashing, or beeping which can sometimes be intrusive,

4. With an unplugged wedding you decide what photos make it onto social media.

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