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Tips for Amazing Pictures Walking The Aisle

Welcome to my wedding photography blog for wedding couples and wedding photographers alike! Today we’re focusing on tips for amazing “walking the aisle” photos!

Every couple wants to see the moment they saw their spouse turn around and catch the first glimpse of them. Unfortunately, this view is often not possible when your wedding party or even potentially your priest is walking down the aisle in front of you and block the shot. Don’t worry – this is something that can easily be avoided.

1. Leave a Gap!

Find out if your Priest or Vicar or Celebrant likes to walk down the aisle before you and if so ask them to go quite some distance ahead of you.

2. Leave a Gap!!

It’s nice to be able to get photographs of your wedding party as they walk down the aisle, so again ask them to keep some distance in front of you and each other.

3. Leave a Gap!!!

Leave a decent sized gap between you and the wedding party, and this will give your photographer the opportunity to get some amazing shots of you walking down the aisle. It will also build anticipation for your entrance.

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