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Tips for Amazing Getting Ready Photos

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Welcome to my wedding photography blog for wedding couples and wedding photographers alike! Today we’re focusing on tips for amazing “getting ready” photos!

1. Look at Pinterest and wedding blogs

Find inspiration if there is a pose you love or a certain detail that you would like to get a shot of and let your photographer know.

2. Prepare the space

Make sure you have the perfect well-lit room that is decluttered, clean, organised, dusted and ready to go for the morning of the shoot.

3. Have all your accessories ready

So your invitations, bouquet, dress, jewellery, shoes, and rings. This makes getting the detail shots quick and easy for the photographer and leaves the rest of the day to focus on you!

4. Turn up the music

The “getting ready” portion of the day can be the most emotional so to cool your nerves create a playlist with some of your favourite music.

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