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Life Behind The Lens…

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Hi, I’m Daisy, I’m a photographer and I manage my own photography business with the support of my beautiful wife Selina. We just love making photographs - capturing memories and stories of magical personal events with warmth and artistry to preserve those moments for a lifetime.

Life as a Tog

We found passion behind the camera four years ago after shooting a friends wedding, and since then we’ve turned our passion into a successful business. Selina learnt photography when she was a CSI with Hampshire Police, and I remember she brought a camera home from work one weekend and I had a play on it - she showed me the basics - and I fell in love with how creative it allowed me to be.

Four years down the line and I’ve made the jump from part-time photographer to full-time photographer. I quit my 9-5 day job so that I can give my heart and soul to my photography business.

I'm excited about creating relaxed, candid and beautiful images but most importantly capturing special moments. We specialise in weddings, family, boudoir and commercial, and I have my first branding shoot in a few weeks.

Check out my images and see what happens in my upcoming branding shoot by liking my facebook and instagram accounts and head over to our website robinsonroadphotography.com

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