Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart

your world is about to be born

Pregnancy is an incredible time in a woman’s life – whether it is the first time or the fifth! Every week your body grows and changes, making a brand new and unique little person. The female body’s ability to grow and birth a brand new person is an amazing miracle and achievement.


Maternity photography is all about celebrating the beauty of pregnancy allowing you to look back on just how beautiful you looked (even if you didn’t feel very glamorous!), and to truly appreciate your amazing body.

Maternity Photography Package

• Beautiful, relaxed photos celebrating your maternity bump,

• 1-2 hour session anywhere in Hampshire,

• 50+ high quality, fully edited images,

• Online album for easy viewing, sharing and downloading.

Our sessions are relaxed, creative and lots of fun! Before your shoot, we’ll have a chat about what kind of location you would prefer, whether it’s on a beautiful local beach, or in the park, or in the comfort of your own home.


We can photograph belly bumps from 20 weeks, ideally 25-35 weeks. Siblings & partners are welcome to be part of your photography experience.

Birthing Photography

The first time you meet your child is one moment in a lifetime. The most anticipated introduction you’ll ever experience. We capture all those sacred moments that will soon otherwise be forgotten.

The delivery room is charged with endless love and raw human emotion, as your child is welcomed. As women, we understand, that you may be nervous to have a camera in that vulnerable space, but we like to think of ourselves as a fly on the wall, allowing you and your partner to be fully present and in the moment. 

The hours of your child's birth will pass as quickly as the hours of your wedding day, but we will make sure your First Hello will be captured forever.