1. Getting more clients is CRUCIAL to your business, your business can’t live without clients and money and profit. This is the number 1 challenge that I hear all the time from my brand photography clients and this is exactly what I help them with. My number 1 top tip to get more clients involves you getting more visible and doing something that will probably strike fear into your heart…but I promise it’s the most powerful and quickest way to increase your visibility to your ideal and potential clients….GET DOING LIVES and VIDEOS. Lives and videos will not only showcase you, your brand, your personality in its purest and sincerest form, you will attract people who LOVE you, will repel people who aren’t your cup of tea, and you will stand out from the crowd. Which of your competition are doing regular lives and videos? None of them? Just a few? Then imagine how you could stand out by doing regular lives and videos on your social media.


“Daisy was great at putting me at ease and was able to direct me without it feeling too forced. The images look so authentic and natural. I was blown away by the pictures, they make me look so polished and professional and have given me the confidence to show off the maker behind the product!”

— Bronwyn, Calligrapher


2. Use testimonials and reviews. Positive words about you and your business from other peoples mouths is much more impactful than you just saying how amazing you are. Use your testimonials and reviews in every aspect of your marketing…on social media, on your website, on your emails, even in person. Talk about the positive feedback from your clients, their results, joy, pleasure, they have had from your service or product. Include pictures of the clients if possible and always use their names.


“I really liked that Daisy had a pre-shoot discussion with me before, and made it clear that aspects of my life, my working environment are essential to my brand. It's the small details that like that really demonstrate her professionalism and passion for her work.”

— Selina, Musician


5. Have a Brand Photography session. Right now you may either be using old outdated professional images that you don’t particularly like but they are the only professional shots you have. or you may be making do with selfies and stock images. To get more clients you need to be visible and your potential clients will judge you within seconds of seeing your visuals, your images, your photographs, whatever it is that you present. Selfies definitely don’t cut it, as they don’t show you as a professional expert in your field, they show you as muddling through with amateur visuals. Stock images are generic and won’t show the uniqueness of you and your brand and your potential clients have probably seen those stock images a million times before.  


Having a professional Brand Photography session with a Brand Photography specialist will give you a bank of on brand bespoke and personalised images designed just for you and your business. They will save you a heap of time, as they are at your disposal to use when ever you like, instead of having to scrabble for another stock image or hastily taken selfie. They will attract your ideal clients like moths to a lamp, and they will enable you to stand out above your competition and feel completely confident and empowered in what you do. In my brand photography sessions I also design a 30 date social media posting plan for my clients, so they get not only a huge bank of on brand images, a selection of graphics designed for their brand and a promotional show reel, they get a 30 day social media plan which sky rockets their business and brand visibility. 


You are capable of amazing things with your business and brand, believe in yourself and know you can do it. It just takes some action and work on your part and the right visuals to market and promote yourself. I am here for you whenever you need me.  Get yourself over to my facebook page for more information on how to grow your business and I will see you there. I am not just your Brand Photography Expert, I am here to help you create the brand and business of your dreams. 


“I was so comfortable around Daisy during our branding shoot. She made me feel at ease and I am not very comfortable in front of the camera, but I found myself smiling and laughing throughout our session. The pictures were fantastic - really natural and candid.”

— Selina, Musician

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3. Create urgency. People need an incentive to act, so create urgency with statements such as “Just X amount of X left” “super busy right now with so many new clients” “fully booked now until DATE”, “Book in advance, limited availability”. This shows that you are in demand, you are the expert in your field as everyone wants you and your product or service.


“You were really creative, made me feel relaxed, you were inventive, flexible, and easy-going. Looking through the images they are amazing, the quality is amazing, I like the graphics too! Thank you for your hard work.”

— Rita, Mortgage and Protection Specialist



4. Get where your potential clients are! To get more clients, you need to be visible to your potential clients. You can only do this by being seen in places where they are. Engage, comment, add value in facebook groups you know they are in. Get yourself promoting in places they are in. Be present in networking groups where they are. Advertise in places they will see. 


“After the shoot, Daisy created a collage of selected images to set me off on my social media marketing journey. With her easy manner and confident direction the morning was a great success and I am honestly delighted with the results. Plus, I learned the "Daisy Angle" into the bargain. Thanks Daisy”

— Richard, Photographer

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Choosing a brand photographer is a big deal. You deserve someone whose style you love, AND who you absolutely connect with on a personal level. I value the relationships that I get to make through this job, so so much. 

 It's quite likely that we both know, from our initial interaction whether we're a good fit. But, just to make sure I invite all my prospective clients to book an enquiry call to chat about your business over a coffee.

If you've felt moved to reach out for me to find out how I can help you grow your business, please get in touch with me or book an enquiry call.

Looking forward to seeing the magic we can make together!

Daisy | Brand Specialist