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I'm Daisy, a professional photographer of five years and I help other businesses stand out from the crowd and grow their business. I help local start-ups and established businesses with their marketing and visual content. 

I can help make you feel more confident and self-assured about your branding and save you time and money. People buy from people and the best way for clients to connect is to see you! 

Book a personalised branding session with me and you'll get a bank of branded images that stand-out from your competitors and grow your business! 

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Calligraphy Artist

Bronwyn is a calligrapher who produces beautiful eco-friendly handmade calligraphy invitations, name cards, table plans, tags, gifts, prints, and cards. Bronwyn asked me to produce some personal branding photographs to introduce her as the artist behind her work.


She wanted imagery that reflected her love of nature and her approachable and down to earth personality. We carefully planned the styling so that the brand imagery was within her colour palette of white and turquoise with a light autumnal tone.


“Daisy was great at putting me at ease and was able to direct me without it feeling too forced. The images look so authentic and natural.”

— Bronwyn, Calligrapher


“I was blown away by the pictures, they make me look so polished and professional and have given me the confidence to show off the maker behind the product!”

— Bronwyn, Calligrapher


Musician & Teacher

Selina is a music teacher and wanted to re-launch her young musician lessons after a pause in business during the pandemic. She wanted some new marketing content to show her teaching a student and behind the scenes.  


Selina wanted imagery that reflected her love of music and her friendly and down to earth personality, as well as personal branding photographs to help her tell her story. Selina is fantastic at engaging kids in music and we designed a shoot that captured those magical moments.  


“I was so comfortable around Daisy during our branding shoot. She made me feel at ease and I am not very comfortable in front of the camera, but I found myself smiling and laughing throughout our session. The pictures were fantastic - really natural and candid. ”

— Selina, Musician

“I really liked that Daisy had a pre-shoot discussion with me before, and made it clear that aspects of my life, my working environment are essential to my brand. It's the small details that like that really demonstrate her professionalism and passion for her work.”

— Selina, Musician



Richard got in touch about doing a shoot for his expanding sailing event photography business. He needed imagery that celebrated marina life and his passion for boats. Richard wanted a mix of images that showed the face behind the business, which is so important to enable clients to get to know you, like you and trust you. 


Richard and I worked together to plan the shoot – he wanted to choose marina and waterside locations which were perfect to give the nautical tone that would reflect the heart of his services. Pre-shoot collaboration is super important – so we all know what we need to achieve on the day.


“Asking Daisy to shoot my brand photographs turned out to be an inspired decision. Her approach to photographing people is very easy going and natural. She took my basic concept and turned it into a cohesive shoot with photographs covering everything from me in a maritime setting, through shots of my cameras to semi candid shots (a good thing as I'm no smiler) which captured the mood perfectly. ”

— Richard, Photographer


“After the shoot, Daisy created a collage of selected images to set me off on my social media marketing journey. With her easy manner and confident direction the morning was a great success and I am honestly delighted with the results. Plus, I learned the "Daisy Angle" into the bargain. Thanks Daisy

— Richard, Photographer



Ron is a portrait, wedding and event photographer who got in touch about doing a shoot to refresh his images and create new visual content to expand his business into brand photography. 


Ron really wanted more time to focus on his business but was finding creating visual content a challenge. Ron asked me to capture some personal branding photographs that he could use to update his marketing materials, and save him time to focus on his clients. 


“Recent Brand shoot with Daisy was a very enjoyable experience. Daisy has an easy and confident way about her and approached the days challenge with an open mind and enthusiasm. Daisy has a good eye for photography and her images were well composed with good lighting control.”

— Ron, Photographer


“Daisy is certainly no novice and has good knowledge of her camera controls and a "Photographers Eye" Daisy produced some great photos that she should be very pleased with and I would say that her future in photography is secure!

— Ron, Photographer

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